Welcome to Greenscreen Express, the home of talking head videos.

Welcome to Greenscreen Express, the home of talking head videos.

Everyone has created a video either on their mobile phone or with a video camera.  Video is a powerful means of communicating on a personal level and the power of video should never be under valued.  Websites benefit greatly from using video, it helps your visitor to get to know like and to trust you.

Why have your video professionally videoed? What’s wrong with using your phone to create all your video content?

It all depends on the image that you want to portray, what services are you offering, what products are you selling.  How do you come across on a video which has been recorded in portrait mode on a hand held mobile phone?

You dress to look the part, you have a professionally designed logo for your business, your business cards have been professionally designed and printed, you have had your company website professionally built and now you are happy to have a shaky video to portray you as an expert?

Here at Greenscreen Express we help you to create the message that you want to convey, we can work with you to help you to write your content and guide you in how to present yourself as an expert.  If you are looking for more engagement, enquiries and sales via your website, then you should be speaking with us.  We’re happy to meet up over coffee and have an informal chat to help you know more about what we can do to help you to reduce the bounce rate on your website and generate more and better enquiries which ultimately lead to more sales and profit.

Please get in touch, either by

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